GetAirSoftGun has devoted to all things airsoft! We started this site in 2016 after we wanted to upgrade from a weekend plinker into something more appropriate for a mil-sim outing. After spending hundreds of dollars and various weekends testing a bunch of pellet guns (and gear), I decided to document everything I found (the good and the bad) relating to airsoft guns. Whether you’re a hardcore tactical simulation player or just a weekend plinker, there’s a best gun for you and your budget. We also take a look at the latest gear, tactics and courses. Because we’re not affiliated with any company – our main aim is just to supply unbiased reviews … the same ones that we wish we would’ve had when we were looking for guns. We’re not experts but we take airsoft very seriously so you can be sure that we invest a lot of time and thought reviewing every aspect of the pellet guns we test. So, hopefully, you enjoy this resource as much as we have in putting it together!


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